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Updated: Mar 10

FNBC is a dynamic organization providing accelerated business growth for our clients from the use of FNBC's proprietary Lead Generation, Sales Development, Documentation Production, Administrative Support and Company Infrastructure, development, design, and execution services.

First National Business Corporation Company Values and Philosophies

It is the goal of all FNBC associates to constantly strive to:

  • Be honest and ethical in all dealings with all clients and customers

  • Help the people we deal with feel good about their association with us

  • Help our clients and customers enjoy their enterprise, and feel passionate about making the proper decisions in selecting and following through with their business choices

  • Help instill the attitude of success and high accomplishment

  • Help clients and customers develop their potential

  • Work with businesses that will truly help improve the lives of others. As we plan and execute our business strategies, we hope to increase the satisfaction of employees, customers and others associated with the business

FNBC: What We Do For Business Deliver Excellence

(I) Franchise Concept Development FNBC provides a full service approach for "start up" and emerging concepts that desire to expand using the franchise model.

Our services include the concept design, strategic franchise and master franchise plans, structuring and development of all operating systems, legal documentation, sales, marketing, training and administrative departments, website design, and internet marketing strategies.

(II) "Start Up" and Business Consulting FNBC works with clients who wish to start a franchise organization. FNBC has the necessary skills and extensive experience to assist both "start up" and emerging businesses with their critical concept development issues.

This segment of FNBC includes restructuring consulting, strategic business planning, staffing and operational assistance.

(III) Services We Provide Businesses Evaluating and Growing Your Company

A successful Franchise program consists of strategic planning, legal, operations, marketing, and sales services.

1. Preparation of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) FNBC will work with you to obtain the proper information you would like included in the FDD. We will assist in the guidelines needed to write the document, and provide guidance on achieving the required format. We offer the use of experienced franchise lawyers. This will become the heart of the franchise sale.

Your FDD should be "sales friendly" as well as allow it to protect you and the created franchise system legally. In addition, if you need to obtain a trademark or a patent for your unique business system, product or names, etc. an additional cost for an attorney to complete this will be necessary. It is the trademark and/or patent that will be protected in the FDD.

FNBC can also assist in the development of the necessary financial statements for the initial offering.

2. Franchise Sales Materials A highly professional image of your franchise company from the start will enhance the franchise sales efforts. We will design design an e-brochure to use in franchise sales.

A Franchise Application will also be created. We will be sending this to professional printers from production after carefully wording the sales verbiage. We will complete the work and get final approvals on the layout from you and from franchise attorneys prior to production.

After creating the initial marketing materials you will want to place much of the information on your custom designed website.

3. Franchise Operations Manual A business operations manual must be included in the franchise package. This can be completed gradually over a period of time and will document the current method of operations. We work closely with you and spend time on the actual job site to understand the process.

We will also assist in choosing a business planning software package for your franchisees to use in effectively operating their businesses.

4. Franchise Sales System When FNBC has completed the franchise start up basics, we will then facilitate the arrangement for your franchises to be sold through our successful franchise sales companies. This will help you avoid the pitfall that some companies make of developing a franchise program without a professional team to sell your concept.

5. State registration materials Requirements of each state differ, and FNBC personnel will coordinate the gathering of the proper materials and assist your franchise attorney in the preparation of the necessary forms required by each state where the client wishes to sell master franchises and franchises.

6. Marketing Plan To aid in franchise sales lead generation FNBC will provide a marketing plan in two segments. One is the media strategy, containing a wide range of information focused on enabling you to get the most for their marketing efforts.

Included will be specific recommendations for reaching the targeted franchise prospect, a media budget, and media schedule.

The second part consists of advertising via soft copy and layouts, including direct mail materials, designed around your organizations web presence to generate interest among your target prospects.

Upon request, FNBC can create a new web site for you, to act as a prime marketing factor in your total custom designed franchise marketing system.

7. Franchise brochure FNBC will provide copy and layout for a brochure designed to describe in detail the precise elements of the franchise that makes it attractive to prospective master franchisors and franchisees.

Because the prospect's first impression of the franchise comes from the brochure, FNBC will put special emphasis on exciting graphic design.

8. Franchise Sales Training (Master Franchisor) FNBC will instruct the clients Master Franchisee's sales staff on important elements of the franchise sales process; from legal considerations to closing techniques. In addition, you will also receive a copyrighted manual covering in greater detail all topics introduced in the sales process.

9. Implementation Consulting FNBC gives you ready access to FNBC expertise during the critical period of franchise development. Whenever problems or questions arise during this period, you may consult at no charge with any member of the project team.

No matter where you are in your franchise stage, we can help assess your current situation and give you an effective plan to "get you where you want to be".

Once we help you create your franchise, we can also help sell the franchises, thereby providing you with a truly comprehensive portfolio of effective franchising services.

10. FNBC can help you to market your franchise offering through our knowledgeable group of highly trained small business marketing agents.

"Franchising is the most successful marketing strategy ever." - John Naisbitt

Getting into the franchising game is not as complicated as many people believe. However, there are specific laws and regulations that must be adhered to. FNBC proposes to get you started properly and work along side you, from the initial set up right through the successful franchise sales.

FNBC provides the four essential elements of starting up and marketing franchises. These elements are absolutely necessary for franchising success. They include:

1. Assistance in the preparation of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) 2. Franchise sales materials 3. Franchise operations manual 4. Franchise advertising, sales, and marketing systems

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