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Call an FNBC Business Broker about selling a business
Meet with an FNBC Business Broker about Selling Your Business
Free Business Valuation by an FNBC Business Broker


Contact an FNBC Agent near you to schedule a confidential, free, no-obligation business evaluation


Meet with an FNBC Agent at our office,  your office or anywhere the two of you can meet confidentially


After a review of your business financials, you will have an accurate fair market value of your business

  • Step 1 :: Free Evaluation
    Whether you’re ready to sell your business now, or want to start
    planning for a future exit strategy, our agents are ready to build a
    business relationship with you.  FNBC offers free, confidential,
    no obligation valuations (backed by years of experience in pricing,
    packaging, presenting and selling business) to help you determine
    the top price a buyer might pay in today’s market. 


  • Step 2 :: Listing a Packaging Your Business For Sale
    When you decide to hire us, you will sign a listing agreement that
    gives us the right to represent you.  FNBC will then professionally
    package the information about your business and begin our marketing

  • Step 3 :: Marketing and Buyer Management
    At no cost to you, we will advertise your business (carefully worded to protect the anonymity of your business) in print and on our home website as well as on over 200 other business-for-sale websites.

    FNBC and our affiliate offices will search our buyer lists for buyers qualified to acquire your business.  

    We will manage the buyer inquiries, qualify candidates and require a signed confidentiality agreement before sharing details about your business with buyers.

    We will manage the due diligence and touring of your business (after arranging a time convenient to you)  to ensure minimum interference in the operation of your business. 

  • Step 4 :: Offers to Purchase
    We will present all offers to you, and offer advice on moving transactions along toward a successful conclusion. Because the listing price is substantiated by your business records, we are very, very successful in selling businesses at top prices.

  • Step 5 :: Buyer Support
    Once the offer to purchase is in place, we go to work to manage the details of the transaction.  While we actually work for you, the seller, we also assist the buyer with all the details of completing the sale.  We’re specialists, for instance in helping buyers arrange financing . 

  • Step 6 :: Coordinate the Closing
    We work through all contingencies in the offer to purchase so all parties are ready for a smooth closing with few last minute surprises.  FNBC becomes “communication central” for the lawyers, accountants, lenders, and everyone else involved.  

We don’t charge the seller up front for anything.   A percentage of the selling price is collected at the closing for the successful sale of your business. 

Establishing the Right Asking Price for your Business...

6 Steps To Selling Your Business

Interested in discussing selling your business, a free evaluation or

learning about the process? Contact us with any questions you might have!

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