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After a review of your business financials, you will have an accurate fair market value of your business

When you are preparing your business for sale the old adage holds true

as ever before:  “the little things mean a lot”.

A few examples:

  • I have owned and sold a number a dry cleaning stores.  For some
    inexplicable reason, you will see garments hanging in the store that
    have been there for years, the plastic bag yellowed or torn, or both,
    the garment obviously abandoned or, worse yet, one that the cleaner
    had purchased from a customer due to damage or other reasons.  


  • The business owner gets used to seeing these things, works around
    them, sometimes subconsciously intending to clean out all that old
    junk but never quite getting around to it.


  • GET RID OF IT!  Someone looking at purchasing your business is
    making a checklist of all the things he likes and all the things he
    doesn’t.  Sloppy housekeeping, floor tiles curled, filthy bathrooms,
    dead shrubs outfront-here is the conclusion drawn by the potential


  • If they can’t keep the place clean and tidy, they must run the business in a similar fashion.  Probably they treat their customers in a similar, haphazard fashion.

Don’t think this isn’t the conclusion drawn.  Start today putting your house in order.  Step outside and re-enter your place of business with the mindset of a potential buyer.  And start working today to make all of his “first impressions” good ones.

Before Selling Your Business,

Dress Your Business For Success

Interested in discussing selling your business, a free evaluation or

learning about the process? Contact us with any questions you might have!

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