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About Patricia

     Upon graduation, Patricia embarked on a very successful sales career with Mutual of Omaha, in multiple insurance lines achieving many awards and incentive trips for the top Kansas City Agent of the Year.  

     She became an independent agent in 2006 and continues offering insurance services to this day.   

In 2002, a good friend encouraged her to enter the real estate industry as well.  Patricia established her own brokerage, P.A. Tuckness & Co. which specializes in foreclosures and property management, which she still owns and operates.   

Throughout her sales career Patricia has been in contact and marketed to thousands of individuals, both self employed and small businesses.  Her past experience includes funding buy-sell agreements and handling retirement accounts as well as a wide array of other services offered to business owners.  

     In 2014, Patricia met a business broker named Bennie Eubanks in a networking group and became fascinated with the business brokerage industry.  Having been self-employed since college had given her an appreciation of the freedom that owning your business provides. She was excited to help others to realize their entrepreneurial dreams too.

    Impressed with the success of the brokerage group Bennie worked for, she decided to join First National Business Corporation (FNBC) of Kansas City. Working with her industry contacts, Patricia is able to market the valuable components and resources of business sale/purchase.  It's with her marketing success, she's able to help people become first time entrepreneurs, expand and build their business, or ensure fair market value purchase of their business so they can comfortably enjoy their retirement. 

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