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FNBC Kansas City

4012A S Lynn Court Drive

Independence, Missouri 64055





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Tom Buckley

Owner/President of FNBC Kansas City

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About Tom

Tom is the owner and CEO of FNBC and its affiliated companies based in Kansas City, MO.

Tom has a varied background, rich in both franchised and independent business ownership. 
From 1975 to 1985 he owned and operated a chain of dry cleaning plants in the greater Kansas City area. In addition he owned the Coit Drapery and Carpet Cleaning franchise and the Home Rug Cleaning Co. from 1983-1988. He successfully sold these businesses during the 1980s and is proud to report that the buyers were also successful in the businesses. Good sales make everyone happy.
Tom purchased and operated as a franchisor the Dr. Vinyl and Associates, Ltd. franchise company from 1986 to 2001, growing the system from 60 domestic units to over 200 units in 40 plus states and 10 master licenses in additional countries. A Dr. Vinyl franchise owner offers a wide range of appearance repair and reconditioning services to auto dealers, for boats, medical applications and much more.
He sold a Master License for four countries in Europe in 1999 and subsequently sold the entire company to that Master Licensee in 2001, staying on with the company in administration and sales and to insure a smooth transition for several years thereafter.
Tom has continued to offer franchise consulting services and operated other businesses as well, such as an auto dealership, business to business direct marketing, and much more.
He is a firm believer in owning your own business; it is the surest path to wealth and more importantly, the satisfaction of being somebody who is making a difference.
Tom believes that FNBC has all the systems and personnel in place to continue its impressive growth, offering proven methods to help its licensed offices prosper and to satisfy the expectations of business buyers and sellers alike.

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