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Initial Investment

$80,700 - $128,285


Kitchen Solvers understands the importance of taking a systems approach in building successful and profitable franchise outlets. This in a nutshell serves as THE FOUNDATION FOR THE KITCHEN SOLVERS ADVANTAGE.

Kitchen Solvers Pleasant Remodeling Experience. Many remodelers fail to get it right when dealing with customers. They don’t return calls, don’t show-up on time, they don’t look or act professional and their technology may be scribbling an estimate on a napkin. At Kitchen Solvers, we recognize that these issues exist in the remodeling industry but we overcome them by providing franchisees with the coaching and tools that build trust, confidence, and integrity with your customers. Our Pleasant Remodeling Experience continues to drive the success we experience today. It’s the reason Kitchen Solvers has had the pleasure of serving more than 45,000 satisfied homeowners nationwide.

Our franchisees are expected to adhere to Kitchen Solvers best practices which mean we are disciplined with the customer’s time by returning calls in a timely fashion and showing up at their home when we say we’ll be there. We are professional not only in our appearance but also with our attitude, actions, values and the way we leave the job site at the end of each day. We provide customers with quotes that are accurate, look professional, and presented in a thoughtful-professional manner. We communicate with customers regularly; guiding them every step of the way, and we always treat their homes with the utmost respect.

Adhering to our Pleasant Remodeling Experience best practices is our biggest differentiator and competitive advantage and results in generating  consistent highly qualified referrals.

Franchise Vision Plan.

The Kitchen Solvers business system starts with the Franchise Vision Plan (FVP). Simply put, the purpose of the FVP is to provide franchisees with a road map to achieving your personal and business related goals. It is a detailed description of what the franchisee’s business and personal life will look like in the future – one, five, and ten years out. The FVP will provide the “big picture” details and ensures that a synergy exists with short-term business goals.

Kitchen Solvers Business System.

The Kitchen Solvers Business System (KSBS) is a strategically defined planning process that directly supports the Franchise Vision Plan. Our Breakeven Analysis, measuring key performance indicators, and the Lead Generation Action Plan (LGAP) are the tools that serve as the barometer in a franchisees quest to accomplishing the goals they’ve established for their business.


A state-of-the-art marketing platform; KBizPro is a local Marketing Operating System for franchisees that helps generate more leads and converts more of them into customers. As a Marketing Operating System, KBizPro provides a multitude of marketing tools that efficiently and effectively markets Kitchen Solvers within your local marketplace. Pay-per-click, branding, email marketing, online optimization, advertising campaign measurements, social media development, customer survey’s, and reputation management are a few of the many features KBizPro has to offer.

Platinum Sales Process.

The sales or selling culture at Kitchen Solvers is unique and innovative; one that our customers appreciate and one that most home improvement businesses don’t practice. Rather than “sell” for the sake of moving product or gaining a commission, we embrace developing meaningful partnerships with our clients. We listen, consult, guide, coach and educate our customers while empowering them to make the right choices specific to their budget as well as their unique remodeling needs. At Kitchen Solvers we invest a substantial amount of time teaching franchisees the fine points of Platinum Sales. In addition, we also provide ongoing coaching that is certain to help our franchisees make the most out of every customer sales opportunity.

Marketing & Advertising.

As an extension of the LGAP, Kitchen Solvers offers a multitude of marketing & advertising support services. Identifying core advertising strategies (media outlets pertinent to the local market), localized plan development, ad placement, ad design, and providing marketing collateral are a few of many. These support services provide time saving efficiencies and are fundamental to generating consistent-qualified lead generation.

Vendor /Product Management.

The beauty of our franchise system is that we offer built-in buying power. Through our preferred vendor program, franchisees receive substantial and exclusive discounts on all materials. This serves as a tremendous competitive balance.
Our Vendor management program provides franchisees and their customers with an endless array of quality products, materials, services, and styles that can’t be matched anywhere. With our vendor management program our franchisees never have to say NO to even the most varied, unique, and complex remodeling projects. In addition, we work closely with our vendors regarding new product introductions, timely delivery of materials, and quality control. At Kitchen Solvers we have specific staff dedicated to building and improving our vendor management program.


Kitchen Solvers provides in-depth installation training and ongoing installation support to Kitchen Solvers franchise owners. To start with, one week of hands-on training is conducted by a seasoned trainer who has more than 20 years of cabinet refacing and new cabinet installation experience. His wealth of experience guides franchise owners through even the most problematic installation challenges. In addition, and as an option to learning installation in a controlled environment, new franchisees can train in the field working on an actual customer kitchen with a highly qualified installation specialist. This allows franchisees to experience and learn the installation process in a “real world” setting.

Ongoing installation support is just a telephone call away. Franchisees that encounter challenges or have questions about how to best “tackle” an install can simply pick-up the telephone anytime to consult with one of two qualified home office installation specialist.

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