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We Pay For Referrals

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Because we are all engaged in selling we all know that the best way to obtain new business is through referrals. A good referral can be worth its weight in gold.

At First National Business Corporation not only do we know the value of referrals we put a price on them!

For any business you refer to us that becomes a listing and that we ultimately sell, we will pay you a minimum of $500. And the referral can be worth thousands depending on the ultimate selling price of the business.

We don’t ask much: an introduction is usually sufficient. We need more than just a name. We want an introduction to someone who is genuinely interested in learning more about the selling process.

Once we receive your introduction we will perform a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation for the business owner, telling him exactly what we think the market price should be. If that is agreed, then we move forward with this listing.

And when we actually close on the sale of the business you can count on receiving a nice check in the mail as a reward for your introduction.

Don’t be bashful! We’ll take more than one referral from you. We know that many attendees at this show know dozens if not hundreds of business owners. Do them a favor. Introduce them to FNBC.

Visit our website: And then give us a call to discuss our referral program. 816 799 0911.

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