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Business Buying and Selling Made Easy



Business Brokers Evaluations for individuals who are considering buying a business to help  business buyers know if the price they are considering paying is fair market value.   Coordination of the entire process of buying a business ,including working with  attorneys, accountants, creditors, lenders, and other advisors involved with both business buyer and seller. Free Business For Sale search for those looking to buy a business.  Give us your criteria, let us understand what you want, tell us about your budget, share your preferences for the kind of businesses that can work for you.  Perhaps a franchise is the best fit for you.  We represent many proven franchisors.



Free, Highly Confidential, No Obligation Business Pricing Evaluations for Business Owners Looking to Sell a Business, including providing the business owner with a professional opinion of how to price the business to sell. Free Business For Sale Marketing Services, including analyzing the business financial records, creating and packaging the marketing materials,  advertising and promotion, interviewing and qualifying prospects, management of the Letter Of Intent/Offer To Purchase process, coordination of the due diligence activities, management of the closing and disbursal of the business sale proceeds.  FNBC confidentially advertises our listings on over 290 websites nationwide.  

Considering Selling, But Not Sure What Your Business is Worth?


Contact an FNBC Agent Near You to Schedule a Confidential, Free, No-Obligation Business Evaluation.  


Meet with an FNBC Agent at our office,  your office or anywhere the two of you can meet confidentially


After a review of your business financials, you will have an accurate fair market value of your business

Business owners often believe that if their business did not show a profit, that the business may not be able to sell.  The fact is, there are plenty of factors that may surprise a business owner that not only shows a profit for the business, but a higher market value than what a business owner may believe it is worth.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
– Walt Disney

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