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Call an FNBC Business Broker about selling a business


Contact an FNBC Agent near you to schedule a confidential, free, no-obligation business evaluation

Meet with an FNBC Business Broker about Selling Your Business


Meet with an FNBC Agent at our office,  your office or anywhere the two of you can meet confidentially

Free Business Valuation by an FNBC Business Broker


After a review of your business financials, you will have an accurate fair market value of your business


  • Receive a consultation about our services to business owners?

  • Receive a free business valuation suggesting a likely selling price?

  • Request information about buying another business?

  • List your business for sale?

  • Interested in learning more about the process?

First National Business Corporation (FNBC) is a full-service business
brokerage providing services to potential business buyers and sellers.  
Since 1982, FNBC has successfully completed thousands of business
transactions of all business types, sizes, prices and markets.  Our licenses
offices charge no fees to anyone looking to buy a business and are only
paid a commission by the seller when the business is sold.


  • Determining a Fair Market Value - The #1 reason a business doesn't sell is that it is priced improperly.  A business broker has the experience to look at all aspects of your business to determine its fair market value.


  • Maximizing Exposure to Sell Your Business - Business brokers have access to an extensive buyer audience as well as many active buyers seeking to purchase a business today.  A business broker may already have the perfect buyer for your business.


  • Selling Can Be Confusing
    Selling your business requires an in-depth review of your buyer, signed documents, and legal processes to be completed along the way.  FNBC business brokers have sold thousands of businesses and provide the knowledge and experience needed to sell a business within the proper legal means.

  • Qualifying Buyers and Assisting with Financing - Many buyers will be interested in your business, but are they qualified to buy it?  A business broker will qualify buyers for you, assist with the negotiation and even assist the buyer in obtaining financing from a lender.


  • Experience Counts - Business brokers sell businesses for a living.  When selling your business, you want to ensure you are earning the top dollar from the deal, but also maintaining a smooth transition throughout the process.  Let our experience guide the selling process for you.


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Very little time will be required on your end.  Here's what an FNBC broker will need to complete your no-cost valuation:

  • The most recent 3 years tax returns.  The most recent year is the most important

  • An interim profit and loss statement.

  • A current balance sheet, if available.

  • Any brochures, ads, relevant new stories, or other information that can help educate us about your business.


If you are thinking about selling, or even just curious about what you might be able to sell your business for, feel free to contact us with the information below


Interested in discussing selling your business, a free evaluation or

learning about the process? Contact us with any questions you might have!

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